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What is our Technology?

Our technology is simple yet powerful. We install low cost durable telematic  boxes into your equipment that enables it to connect to the web.

We then analyze your equipment data against your business rules or business info on our cloud based server.

The magic is in how we turn those insights into real-time, valuable actions from reports, emails, alerts or dashboards

How can we schedule a Demo?

In this new world we get that it's hard to connect in person. Our team can schedule a short webinar session with you and your leadership team to show our product in action.

We offer project management services & can conduct an initial ROI research project for your team to help identify how tracking can realize significant savings;

What is Tracking Technology?

In simple terms it is the installation of a tracking unit that is installed into your equipment. It then uses cellular network coverage to connect the web and collects information from the equipment including its location, it's movement and engine running time.

How much does it cost?

It's best to give us a call to learn more. To track small fleets we typically sell 2YR bundles that include the hardware box + 2 years of service.

For larger fleets we customise the price to ensure it is affordable across your entire fleet

Does it deliver a return?

Yes. Yes. Yes. We recognise that rolling our technology can be tricky.

We have designed our solution to be light touch and low cost- and are super confident it will deliver value.

Save on maintenance, admin, earn new rental income plus save on lost or stolen equipment.  It truly is simple

Do you work across multiple brands

A definite yes. That's the core of our business. We work easily with all equipment brands, ERP systems and equipment types.

We do forklifts through to yard trucks and more.

What does the process involve?

For smaller fleets we sell in bundles of units on a 2 year plan.

From there it's as simple as install, activate online via our website and go!

We have online training and dedicated support to help you get on your way and get the most

For larger fleets we assign an account lead who will lead a discovery & ROI process to build the right solution. And we do the heavy lifting.

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